How to Prepare for Your Daisy Fresh Appointment

Prior to our Arrival: Please vacuum your carpet thoroughly, our extraction wands have very narrow slots and are not designed to pick up loose litter like a shop vac. Remove all breakables and insure that we have easy access to your door from the driveway or sidewalk. Move any furniture that you are comfortable moving. While we are all pet lovers, please insure that your pets are secured in an area away from our cleaning, for their safety and convenience.

Upon our Arrival: If you have any information concerning spots or areas of concern please inform our technician so that we can maximize our pre treatment effort. Try to make us aware of any installation issues like loose seams, etc. We are happy to move normal furniture, we slide it out of place, clean the area and then replace it. Beds can only be moved if on wheels, dressers must have all of the drawers removed prior to our arrival if you would like to have them moved. We cannot move aquariums, pianos, entertainment centers, hutches, curio cabinets, china cabinets, grandfather clocks, computer equipment or desks and any television larger than 32".

Upon Completion: Average drying times will range from 6-12 hours depending on your carpet type and condition prior to cleaning. Please refrain from re-arranging furniture for at least 24 hours. Furniture that we moved for you, may have plastic tabs or styrofoam blocks in place, do not remove them for at least 24 hours. Finally, you must not walk on a damp carpet without cleaning your shoes and be aware that walking out on to a hard surface may present a slip and/or fall hazard.